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LEMOTO Service

The CardGate® LEMOTO™ Service is a secure, managed, payment gateway service linked to the Commonwealth Bank's COMMLINK™ application.

The CardGate® LEMOTO™ Service allows Commonwealth Bank Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) Merchants to process credit and charge card transactions in both batch and real time modes.

LEMOTO™ is similar in concept to the CardGate® Internet Service where we rent access to our payment gateways running from our premises.

The LEMOTO™ Service provides a managed facility which is charged on a low fee per transaction basis. It allows Merchants, large and small, to get connected to COMMLINK™ quickly and at low cost.

For simple, low volume Mail Order/Telephone Order applications, the LEMOTO-Web solution is a good fit. All it requires is a web browser and internet connection! Have a look at our LEMOTO-Web demonstration.

With the LEMOTO-Batch and LEMOTO-RealTime products, delivery of transactions is via a secure tunnel using either the Internet or private dialup link. A tunnel is set up between the Merchant's computer system and the CardGate® LEMOTO™ Service using nothing more than off the shelf encryption software. For LEMOTO-RealTime Merchant's, remote CardGate® Payment Gateways are accessed via supplied clients or other custom interfaces as if they were on their local area network.

LEMOTO™ is especially suited to third party service providers who operate call centre and interactive voice response systems who don't need the CardGate® infrastructure inhouse.

There is a growing list of LEMOTO Service Systems Integrators who are adding value to our service by providing third party add-ons.

Note that to use the service the Merchant must be a Commonwealth Bank Mail Order/Telephone Order Merchant.