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MyCardGate Payment Gateway

Typically companies who want real-time credit card processing use the LEMOTO-RealTime Service to fulfill their requirements.

Some large companies and Payment Service Providers prefer to handle their transaction processing requirements completely inhouse. For these high availability clients, the MyCardGate™ Payment Gateway is offered, which is the very same back end technology used by the CardGate Internet, LEMOTO-Batch and LEMOTO-RealTime Services.

MyCardGate™ is an online real-time Credit Card Payment Gateway that uses Commonwealth Bank's COMMLINK™ on-line credit card authorisation and transaction system to process Amex, Diners, JCB, Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards.

MyCardGate™ is a turnkey Windows® PC based package that interfaces to Merchant's Internet Order/Mail Order/Telephone Order transaction systems - be it on a PC or mainframe.

There are two methods of inter-application communication, batch and on-line. With batch mode, the Merchant’s application writes a text file to the MyCardGate™ PC which reads the file and performs the transactions, writing out a response file.

In on-line mode, MyCardGate™ is running as a ‘socket’ server with which the Merchant application communicates using this industry standard interface.

Many Merchants operate PC based sales call centres to provide faster, more efficient turnaround by processing credit card payments in typically three seconds or less.

MyCardGate™ is being used in numerous interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

Custom Interfaces to MyCardGate™ can be built to suit a Merchant's exacting requirements and specific computing environment.

Large companies appreciate the scaleability of MyCardGate™ and implement mutliple delivery channels (eg batch, call centre and IVR) into a central MyCardGate™ Payment Gateway which can process thousands of transactions per hour.